Consider the dragonfly: Born and developed in water until the earth and sky becomes its home. Its flight is effortless, flexible and adaptive. The dragonfly’s permanent home is everywhere its delicate but strong wings can travel. Dragonflymind is the story of Founder and Director, Kim Black, who felt compelled to share her experience with an elderly dragonfly. The simple interaction inspired a spiritual journey to finding her way back home. In the book Dragonflymind, Gus the dragonfly arrived as a symbol of hope during some of Kim’s darkest days.

Dragonflymind is about transforming your life by evolving the thoughts in your mind.

As a symbol, the dragonfly’s wings show infractions of hardship representative that we all face in our lives. Dragonflymind teachings will help bring a new perspective, helping others to find courage to face and move, effortlessly, flexibly and adaptively, through difficult and healthy changes. Join us as we dig into the secret place where joy radiates.

From Dragonflymind, you will learn:

That you are not alone.
Everyone wants love, acceptance and belonging.
How to fly through troubled times and recognize your strength.
Practical tools to ground yourself and remove limiting beliefs.
A new-found enthusiasm and hope for life.
Self-confidence and esteem.