David Visser has assumed the position of President at Amazing Media, Inc. Visser’s background is varied with a mixture of business and his love for aviation. In his early 20’s, Visser ran a successful aviation sightseeing business in order to build flight hours toward becoming a corporate pilot. Visser now pilots the Piaggio Avanti II.

Visser is considered the highest time Piaggio pilot in the world, logging over five thousand two hundred hours in this aircraft type alone. He has held the position of Chief Pilot in the last three companies he has flown for.

He holds separate degrees in Aviation Management/Flight Operations and Business Administration/Finance with independent studies in the Futures Markets.

Visser has successfully traded commodities for several private investors and still trades privately to this day.

“People ask me if flying is exciting.  My response is no, flying should never be exciting.  Let’s keep it as uneventful as possible.  Now commodities trading, that’s exciting!'”


I met Rodney Stone several years ago at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  We got to talking about his ownership in the Pistol Pete Film; ‘The Pistol, Birth of a Legend’.  I immediately saw the potential to remarket the film.  There was a whole new crop of kids out there that didn’t know the Pistol Pete story.  Pete’s desire was to get the movie into every child’s hands to motivate them to be the best they could be in whatever avenue they pursued.

When the founding members asked me to take over as President of Amazing Media, Inc; I jumped at the chance.  The story of Pistol Pete is timeless. Each generation can learn from his hard work and dedication to what he loved, the sport of Basketball.