Kim is CEO Founder of Dragonflymind,, and E3,, An Empowering, Educational & Engaging Network Learning Event.  Dragonflymind offers workshops, seminars, and enhanced tools for those who are seeking self-fulfillment and new mindsets.

Kim is a diverse and multi-talented individual who has a human services degree and currently writing her first book called Dragonflymind – the story of Gus the Dragonfly. She took the trials and tribulations that happened in her life and turned them into a knowledge seeking adventure and business. In this adventure Kim, attended numerous workshops and self-help conferences, to learn how to deal with the issues that she faced. Upon learning how to deal with her own issues, Kim is dedicating her life to passing that knowledge onto others who seek the same answers and questions she was seeking.

Kim is motivated to share from her heart the wisdom she learned along the way, including the tools and experiences learned to help others bring joy, peace and enrich their own lives.